These Grand Theft Auto screenshots are fake!

So, obviously, there was only one thing to do - dedicate an entire feature to them! Just remember - don't believe your eyes. Not even for a second...

A fair few of our false finds are like good April Fool's pranks - ridiculous enough to be funny, but with just enough graspable elements to be almost real. You must have seen this effort, which mixes familiar GTA furniture with bits from other games (like Crazy Taxi) and a lady model from software suite Poser3d.See?But did you know that it wasa gang of desperate journosfrom the UK who created it?

We remember this one appearing way back in 2005, claiming to be the first ever shot from GTA IV. Rockstar, of course,shot it down- but only after first releasing a statement of "no comment". Which, of course, only prompted speculation that it was real.

This we just came upon in a forum,one of the manywhere forumites stick up GTA shots they've faked. Which are then critically analysed for obviously not being real. Which prompts angry reaction explaining that it's a FAKE screenshots thread. Which triggers a full-blown flame war. Can't we all just get along?