The Walking Dead gets renewed for season 8 before season 7 even premieres

We may not know who Negan killed in the Walking Dead season 6 finale, but we do know one thing about Rick Grimes and co.: their adventures will continue for an eighth season of undead-slaying. Yup, AMC has announced that the post-zombie apocalypse drama will continue beyond the current season before said season has even debuted.

This also means that the show will make it to 100 episodes, and The Walking Dead season 8 will premiere with the milestone. "Eeny, meeny, miny, more," Charlie Collier, president of AMC, said in a related press release that makes me worry about how AMC decides to greenlight its projects. Are all shows subject to whether or not someone can catch a tiger by the toe, or just TWD? (I'm kidding, it's clearly a reference to Negan's taunting at the end of season 6.)

Much like how The Walking Dead season 7 will premiere in the latter half of 2016, The Walking Dead season 8 will debut in late 2017.

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Image: AMC

Sam Prell

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