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The Tourist trailer online

The Tourist

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp together in the same film? Thank God for digital - we’re not sure old-fashioned film roll could ever withstand the sizzle of that combination.

Still, will the sparks fly in their filmic team-up The Tourist ? We’ve just been given a few hints with the flick’s first trailer, which shows Depp’s drifter Frank meeting Jolie’s elegant and mysterious Elise on a trip to Italy.

Soon, bullets are flying, and a chase across Venice begins. Depp sports an impressive mop, while Jolie gets to give her British “Call me Lara Croft” accent a work out. “You’re ravenous!” bumbles he. “Do you mean ravishing?” asserts she.

With a techno score to get Tron: Legacy jealous, this new trailer is definitely ear-catching as well as eye-catching. Check it out below…

The Tourist opens in the US on 10 December. A UK release date should be announced soon.