The Tomorrow People: New Longer Trailer

Blimey, yet another trailer for the US remake of The Tomorrow People . This one’s four and a half minutes long and once again, you can see how it’s much closer to the original show than the dull 1992 remake. They have a hide-out in the subway and it looks like they have that in-built inability to harm other humans. Yeah, it looks very The CW in many ways, and you can see its Arrow / The Vampire Diaries DNA quite clearly, but we’re still optimistic…

One question, though: is this supposed to be TIM the supercomputer? Or an overhead projector? What do you think?

The CW has also released a "new" trailer for The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals , but since it only seems to contain footage from the introductory episode that was aired during The Vampire Diaries season four ( read our review here ), it’s a tad disappointing, and does beg the question… are they going to re-broadcast this episode as a pilot come the Autumn (maybe in a slightly re-edited form) or kick off with all-new episodes?

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Dave Golder
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