The Suicide Squad post-credits scene explained and how it sets up future DC properties

The Suicide Squad
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The Suicide Squad post-credits scenes are not to be missed. The latest DC adventure is an all-out romp that's wonderfully grotesque that comes from director James Gunn, who previously helmed Guardians of the Galaxy.

As you would expect from a superhero blockbuster, there are scenes to catch after the credits role. But before we delve into those, a word of warning: The Suicide Squad spoilers ahead! We're going deep into what those scenes mean and how they set up future DC properties.

The Suicide Squad post-credits scene spoilers ahead

The Suicide Squad

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Still here? Then you have witnessed the #squad take down Starro, blackmail the US government, and become a weirdly functional family. All's well that ends well, right?

Well, not quite. The first post-credits scene concerns the mysterious Weasel, who's definitely not a dog. The creature was seen being saved by Michael Rooker's Savant during the movie's opening, but was then presumed dead on the beach. However, as the extra scene reveals, Weasel survives to fight another day.

That doesn't really tell us a whole lot about the future of the DC universe. Instead, that honor goes to the second The Suicide Squad post-credits scene. At the very end of the credits, the screen lights up with Amanda Walker's former pawns walking through a hospital wing. They then reach a room where, surprise, Peacemaker is still very much alive, despite his battle with Rick Flag and Bloodsport.

One of Walker's minions asks what they are going to want to do with him. "Only save the fucking world," the other replies.

The reveal will come as little surprise to those who follow superhero news closely. James Gunn has already filmed a spin-off series about Peacemaker for HBO Max, and King Shark is expected to return in the streaming show. Of course, Peacemaker could have been a prequel – but that now looks very unlikely as the villain is alive and no doubt wanting to help find peace by any means necessary.

The Peacemaker series will be eight episodes long, with Gunn having directed five and written all eight. While we wait for that, make sure to catch up on all the DC movies in order.

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