The Suicide Squad is getting a fantasy anime from the Attack on Titan and Spy x Family studio

DC's Suicide Squad is getting a full-on anime adaptation, as announced at Anime Expo 2023. The anime will be produced by Japanese animators WIT Studio, known for animating the first three seasons of Attack On Titan as well as Spy x Family, Ranking of Kings, and more. 

Titled Suicide Squad ISEKAI, the anime will take central characters Harley Quinn, the Joker, and Amanda Waller on a strange adventure in which Task Force X will clash with all manner of fantasy creatures, as seen in the brief announcement clip above. 

The Japanese term 'isekai' itself is a reference to that fantasy mash-up vibe, as it roughly translates to "another world." The 'isekai' genre has become shorthand for the common anime concept of stories that focus on heroes who travel to alternate realities, usually with a fantasy vibe.

Suicide Squad ISEKAI isn't the first time DC has created an animated story around the concept. The 2018 anime film Batman: Ninja sends Batman, Catwoman, the Joker, Harley, and several other denizens of Gotham City back in time to a fantasy fueled version of feudal Japan.

In this case, one thing that sets Suicide Squad ISEKAI apart from other similar stories is the art, which features character designs by mangaka and animator Akira Amano, known for his manga REBORN! and ēlDLIVE. Though the announcement clip is short, the designs for Harley Quinn and Joker in particular take center stage, showing off remarkably comic-accurate anime designs that still seem to fit seamlessly into the 'isekai' style.

We also know that Deadshot will be part of the cast, but it remains to be seen which other DC characters will join Harley, Joker, and Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad ISEKAI. We're looking forward to seeing how Akira Amano adapts the rest of the cast. 

No release date for Suicide Squad ISEKAI has been announced.

Suicide Squad ISEKAI may take some inspiration from the best Suicide Squad comics of all time.

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