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The Stranger Things kids’ reaction to their Super Bowl trailer proves they love the show more than anyone

You’ve seen the Stranger Things season 2 trailer (and every other Super Bowl ad), you’ve even studied the trailer and read the Stranger Things season 2 trailer breakdown, but, little did we know, the best was yet to come: The kids from Stranger Things reacted (live) to their own trailer and, as it turns out, they’re just as excited for the show’s return as the rest of us.

The actors who play Mike, Dustin and Will gathered to watch the Super Bowl and, when the Stranger Things advert hit, freaked out at everything from Dustin’s Ghostbusters costume to the show’s Halloween release date.

If you want to relive the trailer through the medium of everyone screaming and being super-excited then check out the video below.

Actors reacting to their own trailers needs to become more of a thing, right? It’d be worth it just to see Will Arnett, when he’s not refusing to offer a 10-second recap for Lego Batman, turn all Batman-y when he sees a trailer.

Stranger Things season 2 hits Netflix this Halloween.

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