The Storm Flip completely flips competitive and casual Fortnite upside down

Fortnite has seen its share of incredibly overpowered items that have completely altered how the game is played. The Infinity Blade gave players extra health and shield alongside incredible mobility and the X-4 Stormwing let players take to the sky, both gave whoever found them first a big advantage.

The Storm Flip, a new item that generates a large circle of harmful purple material (aka the storm), is another one of these items. It was just added to the game today and we're already starting to see the ramifications of its powerful abilities.

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For high level competitive play the circle can get incredibly tight while tens of players are still fighting for their lives near the end of a match. The Storm Flip throws the current end game meta out the window meaning that players will need to prepare for the final moments of a match much more. 

The Storm Flip makes it possible to wipe out everyone in a small circle, if placed correctly. It makes building high and holding onto a Glider Redeploy paramount so they can navigate around the player-created storm. 

It also affects casual play, giving players who find it a get out of jail free card when they need to bounce from a rough fight. It'll hopefully fade in effectiveness as players get used to it, but it's still incredibly effective right now. 

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Players have already started to tell Epic that the Storm Flip should be nerfed, either limiting its radius, height, or the amount of damage dealt. Fans on Twitter are furious over how much the new item changes the game.

Luckily Epic decided to disable the storm flip during the qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup, hopefully they do the same for the full tournament series as well.

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