The Sims 4 players break EA App for the second time in a week following Growing Together expansion release

The Sims 4: Growing Together
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The Sims 4 Growing Together pack was released yesterday and fans were so excited to play the family-focused expansion that they may have unintentionally broken the EA App, leading the game's biggest dedicated subreddit to shut down temporarily. We've got a general fix for how to fix The Sims 4 Growing Together not downloading if you need it, but here's what's been going on...

On March 16, Maxis released The Sims 4 Growing Together pack, which introduced several new features for the life sim, all related to raising a family includiung things like new Sims 4 Growing Together infant milestones and a Sims 4 baby carrier. There's been a lot of excitement surrounding this expansion since it was revealed last month, but EA probably didn't anticipate quite how much, as the EA App has now broken twice this week following the release of a Sims 4 update. 

The most recent instance of this happened very soon after the Growing Together update launched, but thankfully EA began rolling out a fix pretty quickly. It looks like players were running into several issues that prevented them from playing the latest expansion, whether it was being unable to log in to the EA App (which players use to download new updates for The Sims) or having their entire game library disappearing temporarily. 

Im crying with laughter it happened again from r/thesims4
And here we go again… from r/thesims

The panic surrounding the Growing Together pack even prompted the moderators of the r/Sims subreddit to make the community private for a short period as it was full of players sharing their woes with the EA App and the moderators could not keep up. The subreddit has since been made public again, but wow, it was chaotic for a minute.

Uhh, what happened? from r/thesims4
Did this sub randomly disappear???? from r/thesims

This isn't even the first time Simmers have had this problem this week. On March 14, EA rolled out a Sims 4 base game update which introduced a new life stage for Sims (although it's apparently "lacklustre" for those without the Growing Together pack) and several new body positivity customization options for them too. 

This free update also caused the EA App to malfunction and stopped several people from signing into the platform and downloading the update, and resulted in some very appropriate memes.

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