The Sims 4 adds more body positivity customization options including birthmarks, stretch marks, and cesarean scars

The Sims 4 Growing Together expansion
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The Sims 4 developer Maxis has announced it will be adding more body positivity customization options for Sims such as birthmarks, stretch marks, and cesarean scars. 

Announced via a tweet from the official Sims account earlier this week, Maxis wrote: "Not only does The Sims 4 #GrowingTogether come with new Create a Sim items - birthmarks, stretch marks & cesarean scars will be coming to The Sims 4 base game on March 14." 

From the looks of the video shared in the tweet below, these new details can be customized further and will be able to be used on a variety of different Sims and placed in lots of different areas on the Sims' body.

As spotted by Game Spot, EA designer Matthew J. Fahey has confirmed that these new features can be found in the 'Skin Details' category of the 'Create a Sim' menu and that they can be applied alongside tattoos, meaning you won't have to choose which one to give your Sim. 

Fans of The Sims appear to have nothing but praise for Maxis and EA who have taken many steps forward recently when it comes to body positivity and inclusivity for The Sims 4. 

Just a few weeks ago, EA also unveiled a range of new inclusive customization options that included things like top surgery scars, shapewear, and medical wearables. These things, along with the new skin details, certainly give players a lot more choice when designing their Sims and add more realism to the life sim game. 

The next Sims 4 expansion pack 'Growing Together' is set to be focused on all things family as it introduces a new family-friendly town, San Sequoia, as well as infant Sims and all the activities you'd expect like baby showers, treehouse building, and a ton of new items for families with young Sims to enjoy. 

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