The Scream franchise is reportedly getting a new movie

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Ghostface is coming back to terrorize self-aware victims in a new Scream movie, according to a report by Bloody Disgusting. It isn't clear whether it'll be a direct in-canon sequel to 2011's Scream 4 or a remake/reboot, but it'll be the first feature film based in the Scream universe since the passing of series director Wes Craven.

All we currently know about the next Scream movie is that it's being developed by Spyglass Media Group, which has co-produced dozens of movies since the '90s. The production company's credits include The Sixth Sense, The Ruins, and The Happening.

It's being reported that Kevin Williamson, writer for the Scream films, has not yet signed on to pen the new project, and without Craven at the helm, it's likely that whatever takes form will mark a new direction for the franchise to some degree.

The last Scream movie was released eight years ago and was generally seen as an improvement over its immediate predecessor. With the end of Scream 4 being rather conclusive, it wouldn't be a big surprise to see Spyglass go with a reboot or spin-off. Then again, all four Scream films exist together in canon, and the first three also end without a lot of loose ends only to start fresh in the next entry.

There's also the Scream TV series that concluded its four-year run in 2019, but exists in a separate universe from the Scream film series. It's unlikely the new Scream will have anything to do with the TV series.

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