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The Saboteur's nude code: before and after

Every copy of The Saboteur ships with a special card that contains a code to turn on The Midnight Show, which removes the bras and pasties from some of the dancers in the Belle du Nuit. When you start a new game, you’re prompted to enter the code or proceed boobie-less. In our professional opinion, the overwhelming majority of you are going to enter the code immediately and without a second thought, for fear of missing out on what is clearly one of the game’s key selling points.

Above: The adult version of the Golden Ticket

But what if you didn’t enter the nudity code?

It’s a shocking premise, to be sure. Who can exercise self-control with the promise of virtual knockers just a few short keystrokes away? For ever after, though, you’ll be left wondering what the game would have been like if you hadn’t given in so readily. But fear not, we’ve preemptively resisted the temptation for you. May we present the opening scene of The Saboteur, both before and after entering the Midnight Show nude code.

One final note: the code only works once, so if you rent The Saboteur or buy it used, you will have to purchase nudie mode as DLC or be forced to focus on actually, you know, playing the game.

Dec 3, 2009

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