The rudest cheats - Part 2

Postal II

Up until now, we’ve been light-heartedly jesting about the ridiculousness and semi-creepy hotness of these cheats and patches. And while they’re certainly far from politically correct, they’re amusing in a relatively harmless way. This game, however, combined with this patch, is one of the few that has actually creeped us out.

Postal was already a controversial, gory, indiscriminate deathgasm, and that’s fine. Decapitating trailer park women with shovels might not be our favorite gaming pastime, but plenty find it riveting. Nevertheless, something about decapitating nude trailer park women with a shovel… it just irks us (but we did it anyway, for you).

Above: Have any weird psychosexual developmental issues to take out?

Clearly some are excited at the prospect, otherwise the nude patch wouldn’t exist (thanks “Denadin”), and if you’ve just got to try it out, you’re in luck - the patch works with the Postal 2 demo. Once you’ve installed the demo (or the full game, if you have it), download the patch and put the “ChameleonSkins.utx” file in the Postal2/textures folder, overwriting the original. You may want to back up the original first, so you can revert to the old textures later.

We won’t judge you, and neither will your cat, so go ahead, download away.