The rudest cheats - Part 2

The visor cheat would be great, if it weren't for the fact that scoringnothing but blurry, low contrast, one second peeks at theDOA girls through tintedplastic is immensely frustrating. It's so frustrating it's rude - who would put such an infuriating limitation on a game purely designed to be hot?

Luckily, gamers consistantlyrefuse toaccept anything they're given as being absolute. Some tinkerers (no longer in existence) managed to remove the swimsuits permanently with a little Xbox hackery. Take that,frustratingly unrevealing peepshows!

Above: Purple stars never looked so good

Unfortunately, Tecmo threw a hissy fit and sued, so good luck finding instructions to do it yourself. We couldn’t, but we did find a video of the same, or a similar hack in action. As far as we can tell, it originated from, which now appears to be abandoned. The girls are still censored with hearts and stars, but barely (no, there aren't any clovers or blue moons).

Watch or download the video here.