The rudest cheats - Part 2

Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Giants is arguably one of the best PC games of all time. It'sa classic example of humor and quirkiness gone right - something that’s very rare in gaming. Not to mention, the graphics were superior for the time, and Delphi was hot in a jagged, blue, otherworldly kind of way. She originally appeared topless in the game, but, of course, the publisher decided that she had to be covered up for our virgin eyes (also, the blood was changed from red to green).

Above: Censorship doesn't get very far in video games

Nice try. Here’s a simple rule: any game containing female characters wearing skin-tight clothing will be nude patched. Sorry Delphi, you and your bikini were just asking for perky Photoshopped nipples. And they even changed her skin from blue to pink. We're more inclined to believe that the modification that covered up Delphi's breasts in the first place was the rude thing, as the game was rated mature anyway - but it's up to you.

Either way, you can grab the patch here. The file contains several versions, so choose one and follow its instructions to install. There are plenty of blue versions, if you feel that she ought to remain her natural skin tone – just don’t put too much thought into it, or we’ll start to worry about you.

If you can’t easily access part of the game starring Delphi, press Y or T in the game and enter “Allmissionsaregoodtogo.” Go back to the menu and you’ll be able to load any mission.