The next Yakuza game will be revealed this weekend

(Image credit: SEGA)

A new entry in the Yakuza series will be announced during Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online this Sunday, September 27, co-host Ayana Tsubaki has revealed (thanks, Gematsu).

The reveal will take place during the Sega Nama broadcast on Sunday at 8pm JST, which means those in the US west coast will need to tune in at 4am if they want to be among the first to see it. For the lucky folks in the UK, that's a much more reasonable 12pm.

We've known that something Yakuza-related would be shown during Tokyo Game Show, but it's a surprise that it's a brand new title. Sadly, we don't have any information to tease regarding the reveal, so you'll just have to wait a few more days to see what's next for the long-running open-world beat-em-up series.

The most recent entry in the series, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, just released in Japan in January and won't make its way to the West until November 10. Like a Dragon introduces a massive change to the series' traditional real-time brawling with a new turn-based combat system. Whether that's a welcome change for you depends on how much of a Yakuza-faithful you are and how much you enjoy JRPGs. 

Though, GamesRadar's Connor Sheridan is a massive Yakuza fan and self-proclaimed "JRPG hater," and his impressions from our Yakuza: Like a Dragon preview should give some hope to likeminded Yakuza fans. "I don't know if I'll ever get to the point where I prefer waiting my turn then picking a move off of a menu to the satisfaction of building that heat bar in real time, picking up a giant traffic cone, and then just wrecking somebody with it. But I do know this game is still the Yakuza I love, the Yakuza I've already put hundreds of hours into and plan to spend hundreds more catching up with," Connor wrote.

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