The next ultra-rare Diablo 4 item has been uncovered

Diablo 4 open beta
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A second ultra-rare Unique item has been uncovered by a lucky Diablo 4 player.

As reported on the Diablo 4 subreddit and then picked up on by Wowhead, a Necromancer player in China got incredibly lucky by uncovering one of the six Unique items in the game. This second ultra-rare item is a two-handed sword called The Grandfather, and it looks suitably ferocious for a weapon of such renown. 

Grandfather dropped from r/diablo4

The Grandfather has an astounding 2,740 damage, dealt out at approximately one hit per second, and there's a lovely 84% bonus to your critical strike damage. You'll also gain a killer +72 points to all attributes when Grandfather is equipped, and there's also a meaty 3,526 bonus points to the wielder's maximum health. 

 The Grandfather was uncovered from a Helltide Event chest, where all the enemies were of level 85 or higher, which is the required enemy level for any of the Unique items to even have a chance of dropping. 

This all comes after Andariel's Visage, a helmet and the first Unique Diablo 4 item, was uncovered earlier this week by one incredibly lucky player. At one point prior to this, a Diablo 4 dev actually had to take to Twitter to confirm that the Unique items were real, because they were so rare that players basically began to doubt whether they even existed at all.

Now the hunt is on for the four remaining Unique items in Diablo 4, and we're betting they'll be uncovered sooner rather than later, at the rate the ravenous player base is hunting them down.

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