The massive Lilith statue at the centre of the Diablo 4 Hardcore race has been unveiled

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Diablo 4's grand statue enshrining the names of the first 1,000 players to reach level 100 on Hardcore has been unveiled.

Remember earlier this year, when Blizzard said the first 1,000 players in Diablo 4 to hit level 100 on the Hardcore difficulty would be commemorated? The developer has finally come through on that promise, unveiling the grand statue of Lilith just below, where all 1,000 names of the players who achieved the milestone before anyone else will be carved into stone.

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The Lilith statue looks like a mighty accomplishment from Blizzard, and you can get a better look at its scale and size in the tweet just below. If you've managed to achieve the herculean feat, you could have your name forever engraved on a gigantic statue on the Blizzard campus for all to see.

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Despite the new statue though, Blizzard hasn't actually verified the 1,000 users just yet. "We’re currently verifying all players who have defeated countless hordes of demons and met the listed eligibility requirements. Once we have a finalized list, we'll update this article," reads a blog post from the developer. 

To be in with a shot of making the list, you need to take a photo or video of your Hardcore Diablo 4 character hitting level 100. Then tweet it out, tagging in @Blizzard and using the hashtag '#Diablo4Hardcore,' and you could get your name engraved on the statue, provided the 1,000 spots haven't already been taken.

The race to be the first level 100 Hardcore character in Diablo 4 was won earlier this month shortly after launch, but the player then died in a pretty excruciating way. Hardcore means Hardcore though, and so although their name is likely to be carved on the statue, they're back to square one for their character.

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