The Mandalorian fans can't get enough of Baby Yoda's big win

Grogu in The Mandalorian season 3 episode 2
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The Mandalorian season 3 episode 4 gives Grogu another awesome moment – and fans are loving it. Before we go any further, a warning that the following contains spoilers for the new episode! Turn back now if you're not up to date! 

In the episode, Din Djarin challenges a Mandalorian foundling, named Ragnar, to a duel on behalf of Grogu. Though everyone thinks Grogu is too young to participate in such a challenge, Mando insists. The weapon chosen is darts (though, thankfully, they fire paintball-style projectiles, rather than actual sharp objects). 

Baby Yoda takes two hits of paint, then, after some encouragement from Din, uses his Jedi training to flip over his opponent twice. He then fires off three shots that hit the other foundling right in the chest, meaning the Child wins the duel. This is the Way…

"Grogu beating Ragnar using the Force and his training after Din pushed him to be confident trust in his abilities and use them to his advantage," says one impressed fan. "He’s such a skilled and gifted little Jedi and foundling"

"I NEED to see Din's proud dad expression when he looks at Grogu at least once, this isn't funny anymore I NEED TO SEE IT OR I MIGHT DIE," is someone else's reaction to the moment. 

"Bo-Katan Kryze giving Grogu words of wisdom & helping him strap on the wrist training darts was so nice lol," says another fan

"As for my Dadalorian feelings!!!! And Bo-Katan’s words when fixing on the darts? and Grogu looking over his shoulder? And the Proud Dad stance? Leave me to PERISH" says another overwhelmed watcher

"Why is Din trying to make Grogu fight, that's just a baby," points out another fan

"One half of me is so emo over how much Din believes in Grogu but the other half of me is so stunned that he sent a baby to fight," is this person's thoughts

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