The Mandalorian: Pedro Pascal dispels rumours that he wants to take his helmet off

Pedro Pascal face The Mandalorian
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The Mandalorian season 2 episode 7 saw the eponymous gunslinger take his helmet off for only the second time across the series, which understandably caused a lot of excitement online. Considering Din Djarin follows a strict creed which means he can never show his face, the choice was a surprising one – and a sign of how much he cares about baby Grogu, to the point that he’s willing to break his most important rule to get the Child back.

A rumour has circulated before that Pedro Pascal is keen to remove his helmet more, though the actor rebuffed the speculation on BBC’s The One Show

“That is not true, actually,” Pascal said. “It’s a really wonderful way of telling the story, it’s always been a very clear creed for the character and the collaborative process of the whole thing has been– we’ve all been on the same page with this, so I, you know, what I want is for them to make the best show possible however they get that done.”

Since Din has met Bo-Katan Kryze and her pals, as well as Boba Fett, who all remove their helmets, it does seem likely that Mando will eventually get comfortable showing his face more often. Baby Yoda also seemed curious about catching a glimpse of what was under the helmet when the duo drank soup together, and if there’s one thing we’re sure not even Din Djarin can resist, it’s Grogu’s puppy eyes.

Pascal also playfully rejected the nickname the internet has lovingly bestowed on Baby Yoda: “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I know Grogu and the Child.”

Whether the rescue mission surely on its way for Grogu – currently in the clutches of the chilling Moff Gideon – ends with Din removing his helmet or not, we’re all hoping the duo will at least be reunited. Could anyone handle a cliffhanger that leaves the two separated?

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