The Last of Us fans can't wait to see a brutal game scene in episode 8

The Last of Us
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As The Last of Us draws closer to its season 1 finale, Joel's (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie's (Bella Ramsey) journey is getting even tenser. From the episode 8 trailer, we know the pair will be meeting a group of characters very familiar to players of the Naughty Dog game, leaving fans excited about one moment in particular.

We'll be delving into game spoilers from here on out, so if you're hoping to go into the HBO show fresh, bookmark this page for later. 

If you're still here, you'll know that the next episode of The Last of Us is set to introduce the Silver Lake cannibals. As Ellie desperately tries to help Joel stay alive, she finds herself in the path of sadistic leader David and his men.

When he realizes that Ellie is in danger, an injured Joel tries to find her, tracking down David's men and torturing them in the game. Players are buzzing to see this element of Joel brought to life in the show, with some commenting on how important it is to show how much he cares for Ellie.

Posting on Reddit (opens in new tab), one wrote, "I want to see Joel go full psycho next episode. I completely understand why they've toned down the violence in the adaptation and I'm on board with it, but if we don't see the full wrath of Joel next episode I will be a bit disappointed. Ellie's saved his life at this point and it's important to show he doesn't give a shit about anything in the world except her, before they get to the hospital."

Another pointed out that they hope they include it as the games' Joel actor Troy Baker appears in episode 8 as one of David’s men. "I hope that Troy Baker's character is the one he interrogates to find out where David is keeping Ellie," wrote the Redditor. "I want to see some Joel-on-Joel Murder!"

While a third suggested: "I'd say he'll go 'full psycho' in the last episode more likely, and you get a taste of the kind of brutality he's capable of in this one. In this upcoming episode, his actions will be justified, in the final episode probably not so much."

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