The Last of Us episode 8 teases a creepy nightmare unfolding – and Ellie in serious danger

The Last of Us episode 8 has a trailer – and it looks like an absolute nightmare is unfolding for Ellie, who finds herself in the company of some seriously creepy survivors. Spoilers for The Last of Us episode 7 ahead! 

While the previous episode spent a decent chunk of its runtime in the past, giving an insight into Ellie's tragic backstory, it also cleared up how Joel would survive his stab wound when Ellie starts gruesomely stitching him back together. Still, that leaves Joel out of action, which means Ellie has to face a potentially hostile group of people on her own. 

While the ringleader wants to invite Ellie into the community, one person in particular – who game fans might notice is played by Troy Baker, original voice of Joel – isn't so keen on the idea. We then see flashes of Ellie grabbing a knife, running for her life, and a building on fire. Ominous…

Gamers might also notice that the trailer looks particularly accurate to the PlayStation game, which should come as no surprise, as the show has been meticulously dedicated to recreating iconic moments so far. Even Joel's medical condition, revealed in The Last of Us episode 6, has a minor detail backing it up in game canon

Episode 8 is the penultimate episode in the season, so it's no surprise that the action is going to get particularly explosive. But, The Last of Us season 2 has already been confirmed, so Joel and Ellie's story won't be ending just yet. 

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