The gloves are, uhh, on as Han puts pedal to the metal in new Han Solo movie shot

Han Solo is obviously a dab hand when it comes to piloting the Millennium Falcon, but what about something with four wheels? He can do the business on the road with the best of ‘em if this shot from the Han Solo movie is anything to go by.

While it doesn’t top Fast and the Furious in the outlandish driving stakes – we can only see the car’s interior after all – it’s pretty cool to see Ron Howard reveal an American Grafitti-esque design making its way into the Star Wars universe.

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And if you’re wondering if that’s definitely Han in the driver’s seat? 1) Come on, it’s Han freakin’ Solo, of course he’s driving a fast car and 2) Those gloves are very similar in design to the ones Han wore briefly in A New Hope. Glove continuity is my favourite kind of continuity.

Again, Ron Howard only gives us a brief peek behind the curtain like the spoilsport Wizard of Oz that he is, but, hey, it sure looks like we’ll be getting a car chase once again in the Star Wars universe. By my count, we haven’t had a proper one since *shudder* Attack of the Clones. Even then, it was the best part of that movie, so here’s hoping it’ll keep up the Star Wars track record.

For more in the way of Ron Howard set shots from the Han Solo movie (and, trust me, there’s a lot of them) then point your peepers at an R2 unit going up in flames, and Donald Glover’s Lando beard. Talk about variety.

Image: Lucasfilm

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