The first Power Rangers trailer has a new darker tone and it totally works

If you still have no idea what to think of a grown up, serious cinematic take on Power Rangers then here's the first trailer to help you along. 

It's... okay, isn't it? Not just me? I've no idea how the more grown up tone will work over the whole film but it's certainly presenting something that feels like a feasibly darker version of the classic children's show. Of course it could all fall apart once the robot dinosaurs turn up, but that 'I've killed Rangers before' line from Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa certainly doesn't sound like kid's stuff any more. 

There's also a new still from the movie showing the Power Ranger-to-be approaching the mysterious object that gives them their powers (which you can see in the trailer). 

Defintely nailing that 'dark and gritty' tone movie reboots love so much. And, while that trailer only teases the costumes, here a good look at what the Rangers will look like when they go go. 

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