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While there's never as many New York Comic Con trailers released as there are at SDCC, everyone from Matt Damon to The Walking Dead cast still show up to tease fans about their new projects and to release new footage. If you've been busy this weekend going out and having a life, make sure you don't miss a single trailer released at NYCC with our round-up. From a first look at Doctor Who spin-off Class to a new teasery scene from TWD season 7, watch every NYCC trailer in one place; here...

Underworld: Blood Wars

You can watch the first trailer for Underworld 5 (aka Underworld: Blood Wars) here, but while that was more of a recap of what’s happened before, the second trailer released at NYCC hints at what’s to come. It’s revealed that Selene’s daughter is the one who’s being hunted this time and that Selene herself doesn’t even know where she is. Can she find her and protect her in time?

The Walking Dead - season 7

The Walking Dead didn’t reveal a trailer at NYCC, but rather than miss out on the fun completely, AMC released a scene from the upcoming season 7 and boy, is it a doozy. It appears to be from the new season after Negan has killed… whoever he’s going to kill, and he's taunting Rick. Yes, that’s right, it appears Rick will not be the one beaten to death by Lucille.

War for the Planet of the Apes

This is more of a motion poster than a trailer, but it is the first piece of promo we've got for the upcoming War for the Planet of the Apes. It's very artsy and appears to feature Caesar speaking (yes, the apes are finally going to talk!) to someone (possibly his human friend) saying: "You must go before fighting begins. I’m sorry, war has begun."

Marvel's Iron Fist - season 1

The NYCC trailer for Marvel’s Iron Fist isn’t our first look at the newest Defender, but it is the first time we’re seeing him in any detail. It shows a bearded Finn Jones taking names and kicking ass as Netflix’s latest hero Danny Rand. Check our exclusive first look at the main himself in action here

John Wick: Chapter Two

Again, we’ve already had a teaser for John Wick: Chapter Two, but it didn't really give much away. Not that this trailer does… It mainly seems to hint at Wick’s fashion choices (two buttons and tactical) and holiday preferences (Rome and partying). It does have a hefty amount of action in it though which will make many a fan squeal with glee. 

Power Rangers

The first trailer for the Power Rangers movie was released at NYCC and it got everyone pretty excited. It does a good job of setting up the angsty teenagers who will eventually become Rangers and ended with a spine-chilling message from Elizabeth Banks’ Rita Repulsa: “I’ve killed Rangers before.” Check out a new still from the movie, plus character posters, here.  

The Great Wall

Following on from the first trailer, Matt Damon's The Great Wall released a second sneak peek at NYCC and it reveals more of the battle ahead. I wouldn't want to be the one facing these monsters, ponytail or no ponytail. 

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The second trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter does give us a little more than the first. Alice actually speaks in this one, although it is only to call someone (or something?) an arsehole, which… I’m ok with to be honest. 

Class - season 1

Not satisfied with one trailer, Doctor Who spin-off TV show, Class, released two trailers at NYCC. One is more of a teaser and features the Doctor explaining that he can’t always be there to protect us. The other stars the actual cast of Class who are in “terrible danger” thanks to a crack in time located in their school.

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