The first trailer for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is just as schlocky as you hoped

At this point, the Resident Evil films are almost as long in the tooth as a Licker's tongue. The cinematic series (which shares certain plot threads and characters from the games) began in 2002, and has since spawned four sequels. That all comes to an end early next year, when Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hits cinemas. And if you're wondering what kind of movie this franchise is going out on, Sony has just released the first trailer: 

I admit that at first, I kind of hated the Resident Evil movies for taking a horror series that is near and dear to me and making it all about goofy, over-the-top action. But then I went back and revisited those games and you know what? They're pretty darn silly themselves.

I say appreciate the two universes for their differences, and look forward to watching Milla Jovovich kick some butt in February 2017.

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Images: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Sam Prell

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