The first Hogwarts Legacy patch notes are here, but only for PC and Xbox Series X

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A new Hogwarts Legacy patch has arrived on PC and Xbox Series X, but PS5 players will have to wait a bit longer for an update. 

Developer Avalanche Software confirmed the update earlier today. "Xbox Series X and PC players, expect a patch today that resolves a number of bugs and performance issues," a tweet (opens in new tab) reads. "PS5 players, due to some unforeseen issues, we're targeting later this week to get your patch to you," the studio adds. 

The full patch notes (opens in new tab) for build 1120320, which are the first patch notes to hit WB Games' support page, also mention fixes for some quests and activities. Owl Mail should no longer disrupt mission triggers, for instance, and there were evidently "rare" crashes tied to some World Events or NPC respawns. The patch notes also include a fairly important-sounding line about a "fixed error of rewriting last autosave slot." The general performance of the game's fidelity visual mode has also apparently been improved. (Here's a quick rundown on Hogwarts Legacy fidelity vs performance mode if you're still on the fence.) 

Whatever those "unforeseen issues" are, one of the issues on the docket for the PS5 patch is a fix for the "Collector's Edition" trophy which has eluded some players and made the game's platinum trophy unobtainable. Note that this trophy isn't actually tied to a collector's edition of the game; to unlock it, you have to complete all the in-game collections by discovering and obtaining a whole bunch of stuff. 

PC players have already received today's patch judging by the state of the Hogwarts Legacy Steam community (opens in new tab). Some players claim the game looks and/or runs worse after applying the update, but there's no universal consensus on the effects of the patch just yet, especially with Avalanche and PC gamers still apparently figuring out optimal settings. Today's patch changed the default raytracing setting to medium, for example. So just know that your mileage may vary. PC gaming, am I right? 

The release of Hogwarts Legacy has been the subject of criticism and debate due to J.K. Rowling's public stance on gender identity, which continues to challenge the inclusivity at the heart of the Harry Potter community. Here is our explainer on the Hogwarts Legacy controversy.

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