The $10,000 gold PS5 is open for pre-order this week

(Image credit: Truly Exquisite)

London-based luxury retailer Truly Exquisite is taking pre-orders for their custom gold, platinum, and rose gold PS5 consoles starting this Thursday, September 10. You can lock down your 24K gold PS5 for £8099 ($10,500), or get one of the other versions for just slightly less. The price includes two matching DualSense controllers and a PS5 3D Pulse headset, but you can buy the controller and headset separately if you want.

These are perfect for those of us who find the PS5 design a little subtle for our tastes, and it doubles as a mirror for when you need to adjust your gold headset. Each kit includes a "luxury wooden display box" and free international shipping and insurance. But you'll need to act quick, as Truly Exquisite's custom gold and platinum PS5s are very limited in quantity. Once all 250 units (per model/finish) run out, that's it.

Of course, if you don't like the white PS5 but also don't have 10 grand burning a hole in your pocket, your wishes for reasonably-priced different colors will most likely be answered. It might not be soon, but Sony has confirmed its intentions to introduce PS5 special editions in the future. In an interview from July, PlayStation's head of worldwide marketing Eric Lempel was asked whether we'll see different colors revealed leading up to the PS5's Holiday 2020 launch. "We'll talk about it at some point," Lempel said. "It's a hard enough job to get the unit that we showed out but we'll talk about it at some point"

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Jordan Gerblick

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