These custom gold, platinum, and rose gold PS5 consoles will cost you a pretty penny

(Image credit: Truly Exquisite)

London-based luxury retailer Truly Exquisite will release a line (opens in new tab) of gold, platinum, and rose gold PS5 (opens in new tab) consoles this December - and we're not talking about a coat of paint, here. 

The gold model is plated in real 24K gold, while the rose gold variant is 18K. The platinum model is equally authentic, and as a result, equally expensive. Truly Exquisite hasn't released a price point for the different models, but if its iPad variants (opens in new tab) are anything to go by, these custom PS5 systems will be several, several thousand British pounds. 

Many players have been asking for more color variations ever since the white PS5 design (opens in new tab) was first revealed, and this feels like a monkey's paw answer if ever there was one. I don't think anyone was planning to pay, oh I don't know, 15x the standard MSRP just to bling out their PS5. 

The exorbitant price of these systems is driven by more than just the precious metal used on them. For starters, they also seem to come with matching DualSense controllers – complete with bewildering plated touchpads, apparently – and plated Sony headsets. Naturally, they'll also be incredibly limited editions. As PSU (opens in new tab) reports, Truly Exquisite CEO Kunal Patel estimates that there will be "probably no more than 100 pieces released worldwide." So if you've got a couple grand kicking around in your Christmas budget, hop on that pre-order list ASAP. 

Sony recently said that it will talk about PS5 special editions (opens in new tab) and alternate colors "at some point," but you shouldn't expect them anytime soon. Likewise, don't plan on getting a black DualSense (opens in new tab) controller at launch - that'll probably come sometime in 2021.  

Austin Wood

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