PS5 design revealed - Here's what Sony's new console looks like

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We've waited a long time, and the PS5 design has finally been revealed. The sleek, black, white, and blue console was teased throughout the PS5 Future of Gaming event, but we didn't get the big reveal shot until the very end. Check out the reveal video below.

And it was worth it. The PS5 design is a far cry from the PC-looking Xbox Series X, although both stand vertical. The PS5 has a circular base at the bottom of the tower, which well help keep it steady since it is rather tall and thin.

There are also two different versions of the PS5 - one with an optical disc drive and one without it - a Digital Edition. The design is nearly identical, but the Digital Edition is naturally a bit slimmer, without the bulge on the bottom right that accommodates the disc drive in the other version.

Like the DualSense controller we got eyes on earlier in the year, Sony is dropping a bunch of new accessories that match the new colorway, including a DualSense charging station, a new HD camera, a media remote, and a Pulse 3D wireless headset.

The hour-plus long PS5 Future of Gaming event repeatedly teased the console's design in between game reveals, with large buttons appearing on screen, a blue and white PlayStation logo, and more. There was even a lengthy moment of an amorphous blob of circles shape-shifting into different potential console shapes (even one that looked suspiciously like the Xbox Series X) before they all pulled away and revealed the bold, curvy console.

Was this the PS5 you were expecting? It's inherently more futuristic and design-y than it's rival...

You've seen the box, now check out the upcoming PS5 games.

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