The Division's Dark Zone: Chest locations and how to get Dark Zone keys

Dark Zone 03 

There are four chests in this area and it'll be hard to slip by the dozens of elites guarding them without some help, or a really great loadout.

Chest #1 -  W 42nd St

We're heading to the underground for this one.

The entrance is on W 42nd St, between 5th and 6th Ave.

Go past the welcoming signs and down the stairs.

Head down the second set of stairs in front of you.

Make your way behind the staircase ahead.

The chest is against the wall back here.

Chest #2 - W 42nd St

This chest is in the same area of the underground as the previous one.

Once again, head into the entrance on W 42nd St.

Ignore the stairs that lead down to the first chest. Instead, we want to make the epic run all the way down the left side of this area. It's one hell of a sprint so decide whether you want to push forward picking off enemies, or if you're going to peg it, as I did.

At the very end of this path, you'll see a metal fence preventing you from going any further forward.

Go through the doorway on the left.

In this small stretch of corridor, head through the lit up doorway on the left.

Pop down the stairs into the flooded area below.

Follow the corridor around and you'll spot an open door on the right.

The chest is in here on the right.

Chest #3 - W 40th St

The third chest is also underground.

Head to the underground entrance at the corner of W 40th St and 6th Ave.

It's at the corner of Bryant Park.

Go down the steps and follow the corridor to the end, taking care not to run blindly into the patrol down here.

At the end of the corridor, go through the gate on the right.

Go through the barrier and to the right, towards Downtown.

Take the stairs to the platform below.

At the bottom of the stairs, do a U-turn and head down the tracks that run alongside the staircase.

Cross over to the central platform.

The chest is up here, next to the gates at the back.

Chest #4 - Extraction Area

The next chest is right in the middle of an extraction area.

It's the one to the west, between W 40th and W 42nd St, and 6th and 5th Ave.

The chest is practically on top of the helipad.

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