The Division's Dark Zone: Chest locations and how to get Dark Zone keys

The PvP portion of The Division is brimming with hordes of hardcore enemies as well as sociopathic players who will mow you down as soon as look at you. It's also choc full of loot crates that are tucked away down side streets, or guarded by gangs of elites.

There are three different types of chests in the Dark Zone. The first are just bog standard things that anyone can open, and as such, aren't holding anything particularly noteworthy.

The second are ranked chests, which you can only open if you meet the DZ rank requirement. The good news is that if you're exploring with a co-op buddy who's a higher level than you and they open a chest, you can still pick up the loot if you stand next to them when they open it. You can almost always find them in contaminated zones.

The final type of chest requires a DZ key to open, and are generally hidden behind a wall of high-level enemies. Once again, if a team member has a key, but you're all out, stand close-by when they pop it open and you can grab the loot as well. These are the ones we're after as they have a chance of rewarding you with high-end gear.

There are six areas in the Dark Zone and we'll guide you through them to find all 23 locked chests, as well as filling you in on how to get your hands on DZ keys.

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Shabana Arif
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