Ubisoft says The Division update 1.2 will be more "generous" with endgame loot

Elite agents of The Division, take heed: you're about to get some upgrades to your gear thanks to the upcoming patch 1.2. Ubisoft explained during a livestream that the game will drop better loot, more often. The update, the team said, will be all buffs, no nerfs.

Those who routinely venture into the Dark Zone should be particularly happy, since the PvP arena will now have a new bracket. Those with a gear score of 200 or higher will be transported to a separate instance of the zone, where they'll find gear drops of 204 to 240. Division Tech loot drops in the new bracket will only be High End quality or better.

Patch 1.2 is currently in testing, and will be released later this month. Considering these encouraging changes, especially for endgame players, I say it can't arrive soon enough.

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Sam Prell

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