The Division is basically made of Easter eggs

The Division must have had an entire team working on Easter eggs, given the quantity that have been discovered. The real challenge in game seems to be finding a few square meters of space that doesn't reference a TV show, game or film. Let's work through the list:

First up we have MR BEAN. Mr bloody Bean, as discovered VikingWarriorSkjald:

And, for reference:

There's also a couple of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Easter eggs, as discovered by PeaceFrog89 and OniZombies:

I covered this Shaun Of The Dead Easter Egg in The Division separately, but it's worth including again:

While we're looking at echo-based Easter eggs, let's throw in this Breaking Bad one from synchromatik:

Ubi isn't above referencing its own games, such as this Splinter Cell nod from OniZombies again (as are the next few):

Along with Grow Home and Rabbids because why not?:

There's also a ton of homages to pop culture stuff like Sons of Anarchy:

The Martian from ntgoten:

Aaand, how about some Adventure Time? (Via OniZombies again):

And that's just a quick flick through the best. There are also references to Rick and Morty and Batman in the missing persons lists, a mannequin in the street that looks a lot like Fred from I Am Legend, and a possible Doctor Who one involving more mannequins. Let me know if you find any other good ones.

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