The Dark Knight Joker poster revealed

It's weird to think that 2007 will probably be best remembered for a marketing campaign, but The Dark Knight's has been so ace we're not sure we mind.

Remember the days when a poster would simply be placed onto a few bus shelters? If you'd have told us that, eventually, marketing bods would be sending film fans out onto the streets of America to search for a phone number hidden in a cake, which they must call in order for a poster to be released on the internet, we'd have sent you straight to Arkham.

And then probably be locked up ourselves for thinking that Arkham is a real asylum.

Still, the poster's brilliant, encapsulating the Harlequin Of Hate's symbiotic obsession with Batman perfectly, and you can see it here . But one thing before we go...

Yo, Christopher Nolan. We like the Dark Knight viral campaign, love it in fact. But how about sending some Joker love to us Brits? We'd like to run about the streets of London like giddy idiots, searching for clues to release the details of the Burger King tie-in deal or whatever. We can be clowns too!

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