The Dark Knight and Hotel For Dogs

So apparently there’s this new film coming out about Batman? Anyone heard anything about it? Anyone? You, in the back? Yes, yes, we know… The Dark Knight is nearly here and it looks absolutely amazing. But just when you thought you couldn’t see another trailer, along comes… Domino’s Pizza?

Apparently they’ve done a massive tie-in with the film (because we always associated pizza with the Dark Knight) and scored a new, exclusive trailer with plenty of footage. Head over here to see it, but don’t blame us if you get hungry.

Meanwhile, if that’s just a little too dark for you, and you’re after something a little more canine, try the first promo for Hotel For Dogs. It’s a kiddie romp about a hotel. You know, for dogs. And Don Cheadle’s in it. No, we’re not kidding. You can see it at Apple .

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