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The Boys: Black Noir and Neuman actors tease what to expect from their characters in season 3

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Now that the dust has settled on The Boys season 2 finale, we all want to know what’s coming in The Boys season 3.

While filming may not have started yet, we recently sat down with The Boys actors Nathan Mitchell (Black Noir) and Claudia Doumit (Victoria Neuman) to find out their hopes and expectations for the next season of the superhero series.

“I’m excited to see what happens with Hughie and [Neuman],” Doumit says. “I’m excited to find out more about her. I’m excited to really dig into what her backstory is and how she got to where she is. Also, I’m very excited to see her fuck some shit up, blow some heads up.”

Neuman, of course, will be in close proximity during the next season, with The Boys’ meekest member setting himself up with a career working alongside the congresswoman. Of course, her penchant for exploding heads may get in the way of such a partnership.

And what of Black Noir and his place in the Seven? He’s currently incapacitated due to a Maeve-induced nut allergy. Noir probably won’t be forgetting that in a hurry, as Mitchell says, “Him and Maeve are not going to get along! That’s pretty evident.”

“It is so interesting because you have this forced alliance between people. Homelander doesn’t trust Maeve, doesn’t trust Starlight. Noir just fought Starlight, he definitely doesn’t trust Maeve. A-Train just clawed his way back in, he has this uneasy alliance with Starlight, so now they’re frenemies.

Everybody’s crossed, it’s like this house that’s divided within itself but still together. There are a lot of interesting undercurrents to the dynamic that’s going to come out of season 3.”

Neuman and Black Noir may be heading down very separate paths during The Boys season 2 ending, though it appears they are connected by them both entering two very exciting new dynamics that are sure to play huge roles in the show’s long-term future.

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