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The best Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals: games, headsets, and more live now

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Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals

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There's very little time to take advantage of these Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals, so if you see something you like, don't hesitate to snap it up if you can. We are still seeing great discounts on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S games and accessories, but Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals on the console itself are proving a little more difficult to come across. 

If you're struggling to buy an Xbox Series X, we are keeping tabs on all of the major retailers below – but stock is looking pretty light on the ground now. We are, however, seeing big discounts on some of the biggest games of the year, as well as the most important accessories, subscriptions, and more. It's also worth keeping an eye out for deals of the best Razer controllers and best Xbox Series X headsets, not to mention the best Xbox Live Gold prices and Xbox Game Pass deals.

No matter what, we'll be here throughout the sales event to get you a bargain. You'll find all of that and more below, so good luck in your Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals hunting!

Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals - consoles

The Xbox Series X and Series S consoles have barely made an appearance anywhere over the last few days and continue to elude us through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We've listed the retailers most likely to get stock below, so they're always worth a look. The Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals are more likely to be about the games, controllers, and accessories though to be honest, and we've got plenty of those further down the page.

Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals - games

If there's one thing you can be guaranteed of this sales season, it's game discounts. The Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals are full of price cuts for many of the latest releases, including the most recent Assassin's Creed and Avengers. And again, these deals are entering their final hour, and we might not see prices this low for some time.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla | $60 $49.94 at Amazon US / £51.99 at Amazon UK
Loot and pillage through history in this Viking adventure, and for $10 less than normal (yeah, that's not a sentence we ever thought we'd write either). Because Valhalla only just came out, getting any money off it at all is a bargain.
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Cyberpunk 2077 | $60 $49.94 at Amazon US / £49.99 at Currys
OK, so the free Xbox Series X upgrade isn't due to arrive until next year. But come on, that price is too hot to ignore. $10 off the MSRP before the game's even out? Yes please - don't mind if we do. Just be quick. With Cyberpunk launching this December, it'll surely go back up to full price before long.
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FIFA 21 | $60 $24.99 at Amazon US / £49.99 £32.99 at Amazon UK
It's rare to see FIFA games so heavily discounted so soon after launch, but Cyber Monday is really delivering on this occasion. Save over 50% off of the latest installment of FIFA, which also includes an Xbox One version of the game.
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Watch Dogs Legion | $60 $29.99 at Amazon US / £52 £35.99 at Amazon UK
Go to a dystopian future London and set things right with the latest Watch Dogs - and do so for half-price, too. That 50% price cut is a big deal on such a new release, especially because the game only launched a few weeks ago. 
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Marvel's Avengers | $60 $29.99 at Best Buy / £50 £26.99 at Amazon UK
Avengers, Assemble... for a whole lot less than normal. In fact, this one gets you more than 50% off the MSRP of the game. Because it offers a good Avengers story and lets you take control of icons like Iron Man or Thor, that's not to be sniffed at.
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Immortals: Fenyx Rising (pre-order) | $60 $49.94 at Amazon US / £59.99 at Microsoft UK
A new Ubisoft adventure set way back in the mists of time and Ancient Greece is on its way to Xbox Series X this December. Happily, it's already received a tempting discount of $10. If you were interested in trying it out, now's your chance to save some cash along the way.
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NBA 2K21 (Xbox Series X) | $70 $60.94 at Amazon US / £60 £55.99 at Amazon UK
This version of NBA 2K21 is for the next-gen Xbox Series X. That means it can take advantage of the system's advanced tech for superior visuals and speedier loading. Lovely.
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Gears Tactics | $60 $29.99 at Amazon US / £27.49 at Amazon UK
Gears Tactics arrived as a launch game on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, following its successful release on PC earlier this year. Gears Tactics has been fully optimised for console, a turn-based tactics game that works wonderfully with a controller.
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Just Dance 2021 | $50 $29.99 at Amazon US /
Another year, another installment to the Just Dance series. The 2021 edition comes packed with over 600 songs thanks to the Just Dance Unlimited subscription service, a month of which is packaged in with the game, which makes this $20 discount even better! Grab it while you can and bring some dancing cheer into your life.
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Yakuza: Like a Dragon | $60 $39.99 at Amazon US / £44 £34.99 at Amazon UK
Yakuza: Like a Dragon is something of a refresh for the long-running Japanese RPG series and that means that this is the perfect jumping on point for any of you newcomers out there. This is honestly one of the funniest releases of the year – well worth checking out at a discounted price.
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Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals - accessories

Hunting down some accessories to go with your shiny new Xbox Series X? Now's your chance, as the Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals have been offering price cuts on some essential gear. You'll find all of the biggest savings below.

Xbox Series X controllers

Xbox Series X/S Controller (Carbon Black)| $59.99 $39.99 at Best Buy / £55 £44.99 at Microsoft UK
The classic Xbox controller gets an overhaul with an updated design, customizable button mapping, and easy switching between Xbox consoles, PC, and android.
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Xbox Series X/S Controller (Robot White)| $59.99 $39.99 at Best Buy / £55 £44.99 at Microsoft UK
If you're looking for a slightly different look, the Robot White version of the controller offers everything that its more traditional alternative does, all in a completely different colour.View Deal

Xbox Series X/S Controller (Shock Blue)| $64.99 $44.99 at Best Buy / £55 £44.99 at Microsoft UK
If you're working with a very specific colour scheme, then the Shock Blue controller could be the way to go. Note that while the discount is the same, this version is slightly more expensive than the other options.

Xbox Series X headsets

If you're looking for a good headset, it's likely you'll strike lucky as a part of the Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals. We've listed a few of our favorite offers below, and they're being added to regularly. For a better idea of what to look out for, head over to our guide on the best Xbox Series X headsets.

Razer Kraken | $80 $69.99 at Amazon US (Green) / £80 £39.99 at Amazon UK (Black)
The famous headset is as good as it's ever been, and it offers flawless sound no matter what you play. More importantly, it's consistently been one of Razer's best-selling and most popular brands for years.
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Turtle Beach Recon 200 | $60 $29.99 at Best Buy
If you're looking for an affordable headset for Xbox Series X, you should look no further than the Turtle Beach Recon 200. Save $30 on this reliable headset, while stocks last.
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Razer Kraken Tournament Edition | $99.99 $54.99 at Amazon US / £70 £38.99 at Currys PC World with offer code FNDDGAMING
One of our favourite headsets of the past three years, this is an amazing deal on the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition. Best on PC but compatible with every other platform, this is a light, comfortable headset that'll keep you playing for hours without distraction.
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Astro A40 Wired | $150 $119.99 at Best Buy
This comfortable and capable wired headset from Astro has $30 off right now over at Best Buy. It's a great deal if you're looking for solid performance on a tight budget. 
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Storage Expansion Cards

If you want to boost the storage of your console, you'll need an official Storage Expansion Card. Because these nifty bits of kit are made with the same technology as the Series X itself, they'll run games every bit as fast (the same can't be said of the best Xbox One external hard drives, sadly).

Should you see a discount during the Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals, don't hesitate. Because the card has only just come out, it's likely to be snapped up fast if it drops in cost.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Live

Cyber Monday Xbox Series X deals - TV

If you're getting a next-gen console as a part of the Xbox Series X Cyber Monday deals, you need to have something good-looking to display your games on. Luckily enough, we've been on the hunt for some top-tier TVs at an affordable price. 

Be sure to keep checking in every now and then for more, or visit our dedicated page of Cyber Monday TV deals.

Xbox Series X TV deals - USA

Top deal

Sony 75-inch X800H 4K TV | $1,399 $999.99 at Best Buy
This is one of the best Cyber Monday deals so far, especially if you want to use it for Series X. Even a cursory look above will tell you that. 75-inch TVs, let alone ones from Sony, don't come around for under $1000 all that often. This'll be perfect for the main room in your house and for 4K gaming and films alike.
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Hisense 43-inch H65 Series 4K TV | $500 $239.99 at Walmart
This is an incredible deal on a high-quality Hisense screen. With more than half off here, the bang to buck ratio is excellent and this is perfect for an extra screen for the home.
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Samsung 43-inch 7 Series 4K TV | $280 $267.99 at Best Buy
You don't have to spend big bucks to get a really nice 4K TV nowadays as they've become very affordable. Sure you're not getting 120Hz, but your Xbox games and streaming content will still look great on this Samsung TV. This 43-inch 4K panel is still a great choice and has taken a slight drop in price from last week, so worth grabbing now in case it rises again.
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Samsung 75-inch RU9000 4K TV | $1,400 $997.99 at Best Buy
One of the top ranges just below the QLEDs that are Samsung's most premium screens, the RU9000 is a great series of TV. And getting a wall-filling 75-inch one for below the four-figure mark is a great deal.
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Samsung RU8000 82-inch UHD HDR TV (2019) | $1,699 $1,199.99 at Amazon
This 4K 82-inch beast will be perfect for next-gen gaming. It's not quite top of the range in terms of 120Hz support, but it will be darn beautiful to game on.

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LG 55-inch OLED55CXPUA 4K TV | $2,000 $1,396.99 at Amazon
Originally costing $2,000 upon release, this is the best price we've ever seen on the 55-inch OLED CX. A TV of this caliber at such a low price is a rare sight for sure. It's consistently rated as one of the best gaming TVs around thanks to it being capable of displaying 4K at 120Hz.
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Vizio 65-inch 4K OLED TV (OLED65-H1) | $2,000 $1,499.99 at Best Buy
Get great specs, but with an extra 10-inches on the display. It's a big saving today, but still quite the leap in price over the 55-inch TV above. If you've got a room big enough for it though, this is a stunning Cyber Monday deal for a 65-inch OLED.
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Samsung 55-inch 8K QLED TV (QN55Q900RBFXZA) | $3,498 $1997.99 at Dell
Starting with a bang, this 8K TV deal gets you one from the best all for hundreds less than the list price - that's a real win, particularly when going 8K is a good way to future-proof yourself moving forward.
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Xbox Series X TV deals - UK

Best offer

50" Philips 4K TV | £449 £379 at Currys
You're getting plenty of value for your cash with this set. A bargain at this price. However, it probably won't last for long - hurry if you want to avoid disappointment!
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LG 50-inch NanoCell 4K TV | £600 £479 at Amazon UK
LG make great Smart TVs, and as well as featuring their award-winning webOS smart platform, you also get LG's NanoCell technology, bringing your display to life with pure and realistic colours.
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Hisense 55-inch Quantum Series ULED 4K TV | £899 £549 at Amazon UK
Hisense's own premium 4K TVs, their ULED range, is a great option for premium panels without the price tags, and today is an even better demonstration of that with £350 coming off the price of this 55-incher. Nice.
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Samsung 55-inch QLED HDR 4K Ultra HD Smart TV| £799 £699 at John Lewis
This 2020 QLED TV is perfect for those wanting to be next-gen ready this November, and well before the Cyber Monday rush starts. Samsung's version of OLED carries with it rich, quality picture and, with John Lewis, you get a 5-year guarantee and money off a Samsung soundbar if you want to double up.
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Samsung 75-inch 4K Ultra HD TV | £1,099 £999 at Currys
Save £100 on this Samsung 75-inch set that will enable you to get the most out of your next-gen consoles thanks to being 4K with an HDR display.
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LG 55-inch OLED55CX5LB 4K TV | £1,299 from Amazon
Amazon here offering the same great price on the same great television. We'd have to recommend you pick up the John Lewis deal above though as you only get a year warranty at Amazon instead of five at John Lewis.
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LG 65-inch OLED65CX OLED 4K TV | £1,799 at John Lewis
It's the LG TV that everyone's talking about as it's a superb pick to go with Xbox Series X thanks to its gorgeous display that runs games at 120Hz too. The 55-inch one has hogged most of the deal news lately, but this is the best price we've seen on the 65-inch model. Plus, John Lewis has added a free five-year warranty to it.
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Samsung 65-inch Q800T 4K HDR QLED TV | £3,000 £2,299.99 at Currys
Oh, hello. The Q800T is Samsung's premium range, with improved... well, everything: the picture and sound is outstanding and even goes up to 83-inches should you want to really push the boat out.
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Want more offers on Xbox tech? Don't forget to check in with our guides to the best Cyber Monday gaming headset deals. If you'd rather have something more gift-friendly, on the other hand, be sure to visit our Cyber Monday Lego deals and Cyber Monday board game deals.