The baddest bosses of Def Jam: FFNY

Send Crow flying to his death and you can go back to Story mode for more scraps. These challenges consist of multiple rounds - meaning you don’t get your health back, so be careful.

Beat... The Pit
This four-way free-for-all is easy. Pick off one guy and let the other two go at it. Wait until one drops, then finish the other one quickly.

Beat... The Terror Dome
You're teamed up with Crack for this bout. He might be strong, but he's susceptible to getting whupped. Keep tabs on his health and make sure he doesn't get KO'd.

Beat... 125 Street Station
This subway match is tricky. Don't get caught up in a scuffle near the platform edge - bide your time, then knock a weakened opponent onto the rails.

Beat... Scrap Yard
The only time you get to go toe-to-toe with D-Mob. He's pretty easy to deal with if you can get inside his strikes quickly. Make the most of the environment.

Beat... Club Murder
The final battle sees you duke it out with only two other people. Let them wear each other down, then pile in there and take out their sorry asses.