The baddest bosses of Def Jam: FFNY

Fight... Erick Sermon
He pumped up, but he's a bit soft. He's can't block well, so just let fly with a flurry of attacks and he'll roll over like an obedient puppy. Don't try tickling his belly, though. Stamp on it instead.

Fight... Capone
No relation to the infamous gangster, Capone whacks you with some serious punches. The key here is to block his attacks and hit back with the weapons chucked into the arena.

Fight... Scarface
Your biggest danger here is how quickly this guy can enter Blazin' mode - he likes to taunt and play to the crowd. He's vulnerable when doing this, though, so get inside and do some serious hitting.

Fight... Flava Flav
Set his clock to "ass whooping time" by forcing him into grapples. He's fairly weak, but can cause problems with his strike flurries - so make sure you defend against his combos.