The baddest bosses of Def Jam: FFNY

It may be pushing three years old, but Def Jam: Fight for New York still stands out as one of the most brutal beat-'em-ups on PS2. Go and pick it up second-hand, then fight your way through the top 25 bosses- with our help.

Fight... Trejo
This South American gringo loves a grapple, so keep your distance and try some running attacks to wear him down. Once he's a little groggy, twist his sweet 'tache into submission.

Fight... Ice-T
He's stronger than he looks, favoring a selection of submission moves to break you down. But you can melt Ice by dodging his flying attacks and countering as he lies prone.

Fight... Sean Paul
Jamaica's whitest man will come at you with a set of kung-fu moves. He's quick and his kicks are real strong. Block his combos and when he misses his big hit, come out swinging and repeat.

Fight... WC
There aren't many interactive points to do him in with, so make sure you use all the weapons to hand to secure victory.

Fight... Crack
By the time you get to this tubby grappler, you should be pretty handy. Mix up your moves and block his long range haymaker to gain the upper hand. It's KO time if he connects.

Fight... Crazy Legs
He's tricky to pin down - he relentlessly spins out deadly kicks. But he's pretty weak, so if you nail him with some running attacks you shouldn't have too much trouble.

Fight... Slick Rick
Don't let this oily character get to grips with you - he immediately follows up a pummeling with a submission move. Smash him to bits with bottles and hit him with running attacks.