The 7th Guest coming to iPad and iPhone next month

Long-dead PC developer Trilobyte is taking a stab at Apple%26rsquo;s mobile gaming market by porting itsclassic puzzle game, The7th Guest, to the iPad and iPhone.

Revived by original co-founder Rob Landeros, Trilobyte Games is hoping that The 7th Guest, which sold in excess of 2 million copies in 1993, will find new lifeon Apple%26rsquo;s App Store when it's released early this December.

"I%26rsquo;m excited to bring this ground-breaking classic title to new platforms and a new generation of gamers,%26rdquo; says Landeros onTrilobyte%26rsquo;s Facebook page. %26ldquo;The port has been seamless, and our team has optimized the code for a full-range of mobile devices. Props to Trilobyte co-founder Graeme Devine for supporting our efforts and working with us to make this happen."

If successful, Trilobyte plans to parlay The 7th Guest sales into the revival ofother games in its library. According to its Facebook press release: %26ldquo;Following the introduction of The 7th Guest, the company will ship a re-engineered version of sequel The 11th Hour %26ndash; optimized for the iPhone platform. In addition to these well-known classics, Trilobyte Games is developing mobile platform versions of Psych, Let%26rsquo;s Do Diddley, POV and a new version of TLC."

The 7th Guest is a puzzle adventureabout an amnesiac caught up in unearthly events inside a (typically) haunted mansion. It will debut in all its grainy, FMV glory this December for $3.99.

Nov 2, 2010


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