The 256GB Meta Quest 2 is cheaper than ever right now

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We're seeing Meta Quest 2 deals hitting record low prices in both the US and UK right now, with the $100 / £100 price cut dropping even further to offer an additional $50 / £50 off the 256GB model. That's an incredible offer that we haven't seen before, with the Meta Quest 2 traditionally holding firm on its MSRP. 

Both of these offers sit at Amazon, kicking the $399 headset down to $349 in the US and dropping the £399 model down to £349 in the UK. Aside from a few free games and a $50 / £50 gift card over Black Fridays in years past, we almost never see these kinds of savings - in fact, we've never seen a straight price drop like this at all. 

That becomes particularly impressive when you realize these are discounts from already lowered rates - technically. It's true, the 256GB Meta Quest 2 did start life at this $399 / £399 MSRP, but last year that cost leapt up to $499 / £499 - where it's remained until this month. Those MSRPs were dropped back down again once the Meta Quest 3 was announced at a similar $500 price point. 

All that's to say you're saving $150 / £150 in today's Meta Quest 2 deals compared to prices this time last month. If you've been holding out for a discount, now is an excellent time to take the leap. 

Today's best Meta Quest 2 deals

Meta Quest 2 (256GB) | $399 $349 at Amazon
Save $50 -

Meta Quest 2 (256GB) | $399 $349 at Amazon
Save $50 - This is the first time we've ever seen a $50 saving on that original $399 MSRP and considering the Meta Quest 2 has been so resistant to discounts over the last few years, this is a deal we wouldn't miss. This 256GB model was up at $499 before the new Quest 3 was announced earlier this month, after all. 

128GB: $299 at Amazon

Meta Quest 2 (256GB) | £399 £349 at Amazon
Save £50 -

Meta Quest 2 (256GB) | £399 £349 at Amazon
Save £50 - UK VR-heads can also take advantage of this offer, with a like-for-like record low price on the 256GB model. You're saving £50 here as well, dropping that original (and we mean original) £399 RRP down to £349. That's a full £150 off the price we would have seen a couple of months ago. 

128GB: £299 at Amazon

Should you buy the Meta Quest 2?

PSVR 2 Review Image showing the PSVR 2 next to a Meta Quest 2

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The Meta Quest 2 is the best VR headset on the market for the majority of people right now, balancing a relatively low price point with a high quality experience and plenty of software support. We loved the lightweight headset design and smooth OS experience when we reviewed this giant back in 2022, but the biggest draw is the sheer number of compatible games and apps for the cash. 

Premium VR headsets like the HTC Vive Pro 2 and Valve Index are in four figure price territory, and don't offer too much of a software boost to go along with it. Yes, you'll be getting superior screen and tracking tech in these more expensive models, but if you're just looking to tinker with the world of virtual reality these specialist devices aren't going to be worth the cash. 

We'd recommend anyone looking to get into an accessible virtual reality gaming ecosystem invest in the Meta Quest 2. Between blockbusters like Resident Evil 4 VR, Beat Saber, and Iron Man VR there's plenty of big name titles available and PC support baked in as well. 

If you're looking to pump more power into your Quest system, check out the best gaming PCs on the market right now. Or, to round out the experience, take a look at the best Meta Quest 2 accessories and the best gaming earbuds available now.

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