The 24ct gold Nintendo Wii made for the Queen of England is now on sale for $300k

Golden Nintendo Wii
(Image credit: Nintendo / THQ)

A 24 karat gold Nintendo Wii console that was originally designed as a gift for Queen Elizabeth II is now available to buy for $300,000. 

The custom-made Nintendo Wii console was part of an elaborate PR stunt by the video game company THQ to promote multiplayer party title Big Family Games back in 2009. The idea stemmed from an article in the British tabloid newspaper The People which stated that the Queen enjoyed playing Wii Sports Bowling. 

The console never made it to Queen Elizabeth herself due to strict security protocol at Buckingham Palace, so after being returned to THQ and obtained by video game collector Donny, the one-of-a-kind console is now looking for a new home on eBay. The owner of this luxury collectible is currently asking for $300K due to wanting to move on in life and find a new place to live - as the collector himself stated in an interview on his website

According to the YouTube channel, People Make Games who covered the golden Wii’s story in a video, THQ’s press release, which was titled ‘Wii are not amused’, featured: “The Royal Family are arguably the most important family in the country so we felt that they needed a copy of the game. But we thought that Her Majesty the Queen wouldn’t want to play on any old console, so an extra-special gold one was commissioned.”  

Donny is now selling the working console which is apparently still in good condition, with no heavy use found on it. The seller also has proof of authenticity and is selling the console with framed documents included for the next collector to showcase alongside the Wii. So if you’ve got a spare $300K, this gold Wii could be the crown jewel of your collection. 

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