That OTHER Rockstar game dated

Rockstar's racer sequel Midnight Club: Los Angeles is roaring off the start grid on September 9 (12, in the UK). Here, have somenew screens.

It's releasing on Xbox 360 and PS3, just in case you were wondering. Midnight Club: LA Remix on PSP is out on the same dates.

The open-world racer features a very impressive, completely seamless recreation of LA, full of familiar places and potentially crawling with online racers.

The game runs on the Rage engine and Rockstar's San Diego division has managed to create a free-roaming racer of such scale that... well, we can't quite believe it took the team less than a few years to develop.

"From the beginning, Midnight Club has been about street racing in a open-world," says Sam Houser, founder of Rockstar Games. "With our team at Rockstar San Diego we have developed a game that we feel once again pushes the boundaries and expectations of what a racing game can be."

Check outthis previewfor more details on Midnight Club: LA.

Courtesy of CVG.

Apr 21, 2008