That annoying Elden Ring invisible stairs puzzle can be defeated with a simple trick

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An Elden Ring player has conjured an excellent workaround for the game's invisible bridge puzzle.

Just yesterday, the post on the Elden Ring subreddit below surfaced, guiding players through the invisible bridge puzzle with a very simple hack. It turns out that if you smash the ground with the Hoarfrost Stomp Ash of War ability, it'll reveal the pathway through the bridge immediately in front of you.

This is an easy but wonderful way around the dastardly invisible bridge. No doubt many players have fallen to their deaths while trying to navigate their way around the puzzle, as it's merely a guessing game if you don't have a way to accurately deduce where the bridge is, and where's there's a fall to your death awaiting you.

In fact, another user in the comments section of the subreddit post has provided another workaround. If you don't have the Hoarfrost Stomp ability unlocked, it turns out the pathway will reveal itself if you're poisoned. So simply eat a delicious Raw Meat Dumpling or chuck Heavy Poison Pots right at your feet, and apparently the path will reveal itself for your ailing body.

This is just the latest in a very long line of wild player discoveries in Elden Ring. Earlier this month, one player found out that Margit's Shackle can actually reveal hidden walls, aside from putting Margit and Morgott in their place, while another discovered the name of Starscourge Radahn's ever-suffering horse. In fact, by delving into the game's files, one player discovered a cut bestiary that originally featured in Elden Ring before its launch. Oh, what we could've had.

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