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Terminator: Resistance gameplay footage released shortly after delay is announced

On the heels of an announcement delaying its North American console release, the team behind Terminator: Resistance has dropped a lengthy clip featuring the game's opening ten minutes. Terminator: Resistance is an upcoming FPS from Teyon that was only announced in September but was initially set to release on November 15 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. That's changed a bit - the game will still drop worldwide on PC and on European consoles this November 15, but will not be available on consoles in North America until December 10 (the initial release date was December 3). 

There’s no real word yet on the reasoning behind the delay, but developer Teyon is a fairly small studio best known for an arcade rail shooter called Rambo: The Video Game that dropped in 2014. Considering the size of the studio and the brevity between the game's announcement and its release, a delay isn't all that surprising. 

Terminator: Resistance is set 30 years after the robots take over Earth in which you play a new Resistance character named Jacob Rivers. Rivers is a soldier in the Resistance Pacific Division, and the game opens with him waking up in the middle of a battlefield before getting attacked by a robot. It seems like Terminator: Resistance drops you right into the action: as soon as Rivers wakes up and escapes the clutches of an enemy, a HUD pops up with a quest: "Escape Pasadena". From the gameplay clip it appears Terminator: Resistance is offering more than just a run-and-gun FPS, with stealth options, crafting, and dialogue choices that NPCs will remember - according to the game, "your decisions matter."

The voice acting leaves something to be desired, but the post-apocalyptic setting is a nice touch of gritty eye candy. Terminator: Resistance will be on Steam and European consoles on November 15 and will drop for North American consoles on December 10.

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