Temtem development roadmap is "on its way" - until then, here's the deadliest Temtem

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The deadliest wild Temtem in all of the Airborne Archipelago isn't a fearsome Volarend. It's the humble, squirrel-like Skunch with 36,569 knockouts to its name. Though that Tweet has a picture of a Skail...

Temtem developer CremaGames shared that fun fact and more in a new series of infographics, all in celebration of the game exceeding 500,000 copies sold. That's quite a milestone for a project that's still in early access. You know what else is a milestone? Actually catching a damn Temtem Luma, because one of the new infographics states that only 5.42 percent of all players have one.

The Skunch and Luma stats are interesting, but the most useful for dedicated trainers will probably be this breakdown of which Temtem is the most popular in competitive battles - and which is the most popular to ban.

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On top of those figures, CremaGames also shared some exciting news for players who are awaiting more new content like the Temtem Saipark: a formal roadmap for the game "is being polished and on its way."

Development roadmaps give players an idea of what new features to expect for the game and when. They're always subject to change, especially for early access games, but roadmaps are still one of the best ways to gauge developers' short-term and long-term plans. I'll be honest, customizable player housing was one of the main reasons I started playing Temtem, so I look forward to seeing where it falls.

See how the game has changed in its most recent update with our rundown of the Temtem patch notes.

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