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Temtem patch notes: Safer trades and even better Barnshe textures

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A new set of Temtem patch notes are here, and safer trades are the order of the day.

The Temtem patch notes for update 0.5.13 rolled out this morning, and as the first patch since the Temtem Saipark was added, it's no surprise that it doesn't have quite as much new stuff. Still, the update adds key improvements for the trading interface that should cut down on buyers' remorse and the potential for players to scam one another.

The biggest change is a new five-second countdown that will begin after each player hits "Ready" on the trade screen. This will give you time to look over the locked-down deal and make sure your partner didn't suddenly remove most of the items from a stack, for instance. If you do see something amiss, you can now automatically cancel your Ready status just by attempting to exit the trade screen. Always good to have a panic button when you think somebody's trying to get one over on you.

You may also notice that server room sizes have been increased, which should allow for more of your fellow tamers to roam around in the same area at once, and that Barnshe now has improved textures. Fun fact: Barnshe's textures were also improved in update 0.5.7, so that psychic owl had better be looking fly as hell by now.

Here are the full Temtem patch notes straight from the official site.

Temtem patch notes for version 0.5.13

New stuff

  • Added a new music track during the competitive pick&ban phase.


  • Added a countdown to the trade screen. After both players hit ready, there will be a 5-second countdown where players can review everything and cancel the trade if they’re not sure about something.
  • Exiting the trade screen will now instantly cancel the ready button before confirming the exit with the player.
  • Increased server room sizes to hold more players at the same time.
  • Improved Barnshe textures.


  • Fixed several problems regarding the synchronization of the ready button during trades.
  • Improved and secured some cinematic initialization cases to prevent further bugs.
  • Fixed some cases where gears could get lost when trying to release a Temtem that had one equipped.
  • Fixed getting stuck when talking with the stowaway in Tucma.
  • Fixed co-op party breaking during Dr. Hamijo’s conversation in the Anak Volcano.
  • Fixed Temtem losing their shadow after inspecting them in the Tempedia.
  • Fixed not being able to use your partner’s recently captured Temtem in battles.
  • Fixed a soft lock when picking an object that your co-op partner already has.
  • Fixed a game crash when pressing TAB/Control in the Vault.
  • Fixed being stuck in battles when losing connectivity after capturing an untamed Temtem while on a co-op party.
  • Fixed traded eggs with 0 minutes to hatch not hatching after the trade.
  • Fixed items not being taken away during the crash cinematic after doing a co-op party.
  • Fixed being stuck in limbo after reaching the Jail in a co-op party.
  • Fixed frozen evolving Temtem not appearing as frozen after the evolution sequence.
  • Fixed Omninesia Dojos having their description swapped with each other.
  • Fixed not being able to stand up after sitting down in jaguar lounge’s benches.

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