Temtem patch notes: Balance changes for Cage and Bamboozle and more fixes

A Temtem tamer accompanied by a Pigepic looks back in surprise
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The Temtem patch notes for version 0.5.17 introduce the first balance changes for the new competitive pre-season and fix up some issues.

The last Temtem patch notes put the addition of ranked matchmaking front and center, along with some other content updates like the new Battle Log and multiple reward tiers for FreeTem. These notes are comparatively brief, but they make some key changes and fixes to keep things going smoothly for your ranked matches and beyond.

The main balance changes come for the Cage and Bamboozle abilities: Cage has been removed from the technique courses learnset for both Valash and Gyalis, while Bamboozle now costs 18 STA to use instead of 14.

Here are the full Temtem patch notes, straight from developer CremaGames' official site.

Temtem patch notes for version 0.5.17


  • Previous unfinished secondary quests will now show up in the quest log after completing a main quest.


  • Winning a ranked match against another player in placements will now grant a partial TMR gain.


  • #050 – Valash: Cage removed from their technique courses learnset.
  • #054 – Gyalis: Cage removed from their technique courses learnset.


  • Bamboozle: STA cost increased from 14 to 18.


  • Fixed the infinite loading on some computers with old specs.
  • Fixed pick&ban timer not being displayed in competitive matches.
  • Fixed a visual bug displaying wins in placement after spectating a ranked match.
  • Fixed a stuck situation in battles after using a multitarget technique when having only one Temtem left in the squad.
  • Fixed getting stuck while sitting after interacting with your Temtem.
  • Fixed the evolution prompt in the Temtem details not being clickable while using a mouse.
  • Fixed Tutorial prompts not being clickable while using a mouse
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