Temtem Saipark: Here's what to catch for the week of March 30 - April 5

A statue of a Saipat from Temtem
(Image credit: CremaGames)

The Temtem Saipark is back with another set of cute monsters to catch, and this time they're extra shiny.

The two new residents of the Hotel Temtem Saipark are Platypet, the adorable water/toxic type Temtem who has its own cartoon in the game's lore, and Toxolotl, the alien (but also cute) looking toxic amphibian thing. They both have significantly higher rates of appearing as a Temtem Luma than their equivalents out in the wild: a Platypet found in the park has a 2.5 times higher chance of being a Luma, and a Toxolotl has a 3 times higher chance.

They also both have a 5 percent chance of coming with their egg move, which could make for some extremely desirable Temtem. That said, they have no minimum starting values (SVs) for their stats, so you may need to do some hunting to find a tournament contender.

The initial fee you'll need to pay to get into the Temtem Saipark this week is 1,200 pansuns, and that also gets you a starting allotment of 8 saicards. You'll almost definitely want to buy another batch before you head out on your first tour of the park, but don't forget that the price will go up each time.

To get into the Saipark, you'll need to have the hook, which means you'll need to finish the campaign as it stands now in the early access version. You'll find the zone within Deniz, just off the Prasine Coast - it's that path off to the left of the screen about halfway through zone. Keep in mind that you'll have to take an airship back to Deniz if you're not already on the island.

Unlike the Safari Zone in Pokemon, you'll actually need to battle the Temtem in the Saipark to have a good chance of catching them. Make sure you bring a team that's ready for extended fighting - and just as importantly, a team that won't one-hit KO all the Temtem types you're trying to catch!

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